Tesla Model S Racing Series Obtains FIA Approval, Could Start This Year

The Electric GT Racing Series has attempted to get its feet off the ground with the Tesla Model S for some time now. The all-Tesla racing series was initially announced two years ago, but has just received FIA’s approval and could being as early as this year.

According to The Verge, the Electric GT World Series will see heavily-modified Tesla P100D sedans with approximately 778 horsepower compete against one another. The locations, drivers, and championship schedule, though, are still up in the air. All they have said is that the series will race at well-known circuits, which most likely means the Teslas will compete at current or former Formula One tracks.

Getting approval from the FIA is a big step forward. The race-ready Model S sedans recently passed official crash tests, as well. The series still needs to attract more teams, only one has reportedly signed on at the moment. But now that the FIA has given the racing series the okay, things should start to fall in line.

Motorsport claims that race weekends will consist of three-heat qualifying rounds and two 37-mile races. You won’t have to sit in front of your television for hours, which is a good thing. The races will be held during the daytime and nighttime.

The report also claims that the series will have accompanying eSports and electric kart championships, as well as a “drift off” competition at “suitable circuits.” As far as the drift offs go, fans will be able to vote for their two favorite drivers that will compete against the two top-place-finishers in a head-to-head drifting competition. The winner will net three championship points.

“This is such an exciting day for us as we confirm that the Electric Production Car Series has been officially sanctioned by the FIA,” said Electric GT CEO Mark Gemmell. “We respect the FIA and we are honored to have their support ahead of our inaugural season. We are also pleased to officially publish the sporting regulations for the Electric Production Car Series.

The races may not be that long, but the extra drifting and electric kart racing should account for some more viewer enjoyment.
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