Forest Find! Rescuing This VW Bus Has To Be One Of 2017’s Most Inspiring Classic Car Stories

This has to be one of the best classic car rescues of 2017, starring an abandoned 1955 VW Panelvan in a forest for 40 years and a group of friends that managed to bring it back in life after a quick restoration on site.

We keep hearing a lot of stories about barn finds but this discovery is even more impressive as the classic VW was found at an altitude of 1,300m in the French Alps.

Florian George first learned about the car from a mushroom picker who had spotted it 15 years ago and he decided to find out if there’s indeed a lonesome VW out in the woods. And after a long walk, he did found it.

The car was covered by metal sheets, spider webs and leaves, sitting there engine-less, after a fire destroyed its original engine and was used as a cabin. After Florian traced the landowner, he was able to purchase the car and then the real adventure begun.

Florian called a group of friends and asked them to help him partially restore the panelvan on the spot, in order to drive it down the mountain. After gathering the necessary parts and an engine, they finally managed to rescue the vehicle and drive it back to civilisation.

After bringing back to life the vehicle, Florian now aims to weld it where necessary and keep the awesome patina on it as it is.


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