June 17, 2019

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We are colossal aficionados of shooting brakes, and when done on a Tesla, well, we can just dribble over the photos. Dutch coachbuilder RemetzCar uncovered its full electric custom manufactured shooting brake and depends on the Tesla Model S. RemetzCar prior built up the selective Tesla Model S Hearse, expanding upon their broad experience changing over autos with and aluminum structure and body, similar to the Audi A8.

RemetzCar took Niels van Roij Design sketches and turned it into a real car

Dutch originator Niels van Roij, who runs a free car configuration firm in the United Kingdom, was in charge of the Shooting Brake plan. The undertaking was upheld by Dutch premium tire maker Vredestein.

(Dutch coachbuilder RemetzCar revealed its full electric custom built shooting brake and is based on the Tesla Model S)

Dutch collectioneur Floris de Raadt stated, “The thought was to decipher my Tesla Model S into a dynamic and energetic yet exquisite Shooting Brake, as opposed to making an auto with most extreme baggage space. Niels van Roij Design built up a few alternatives for the transformation, concentrating on premium plan joined with restricted change costs, therefore making mentor building accessible for a bigger gathering of authorities. Our most loved was the alternative called ‘Intense Chrome’, highlighting striking polished chrome window trims accentuating the strong unique lines of the auto. The outcome is really dazzling!”

(Dutch designer Niels van Roij was responsible for the Shooting Brake design)

RemetzCar’s skilled workers took Niels van Roij Design draws and transformed it into a genuine auto. RemetzCar additionally a built up a totally new back end, highlighting a back spoiler with concealed back window wiper and brake light. To give the Tesla Model S a considerably more striking position additionally from a front view, Niels van Roij Design included a chrome trim that keeps running from the A-columns the distance along the roofline and around the all encompassing rooftop. The green metallic with a bit of gold gives the Model S Shooting Brake a rich yet striking appearance.


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