May 19, 2019

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Stored for 54 years, this ‘brand new’ Volkswagen Beetle might just be the most perfect example in the world. But is it worth its asking price?

The Volkswagen Beetle is one of the world’s most iconic cars with its characterful shape and pop culture status. This car of the German people was originally designed to be a cheap means of getting the country moving, but today Hemmings lists a Beetle that’s far from cheap. The asking price for this ‘bug’ is $1,000,000 (£760,000, €865,000).

Volkswagen Beetles are steadily becoming a collectors item, but what enables this one command such a high price? In 1964, Rudy Zvarich bought the Beetle news in Washington as a ‘spare’ in case his much loved 1957 example expired. Until that day, the brand-new car was put into storage, waiting for its chance to hit the open road for the first time — but that time never came. Zvarich’s old Beetle kept going and the new car was forgotten about.

Mr Zvarich’s nephew inherited the stored Beetle back in 2014 when his uncle passed away, but even he was shocked to find that it had only covered 22-miles from new. Everything on the car is said to be entirely original and in perfect condition, as it has never been driven in any meaningful way, left outside, or had every seat sat in. It’s almost as if someone has just taken it out of its packaging. A true time capsule car!

So what about that $1,000,000 price tag? Well, it is probably the most original and pristine Volkswagen Beetle in the world that we know of, but as impressive as it is, we’re not sure on its valuation.

Another ‘perfect Beetle’, although not quite as perfect as this one, sold in Denmark last year for $43,000 (£32,500, €37,200), so it’s hard to see the market being substantially more hungry for this example. The most expensive Volkswagen Beetle to be sold at auction thus far is the movie car from Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo, which netted $123,443 (£93,500 , €107,000) in 2015.

This essentially new Volkswagen Beetle should be celebrated, but maybe not for seven figures.

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