July 22, 2019

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1994 Toyota Supra Sells For Eye-Watering $173k

A stock 1994 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo Targa with manual transmission sold during RM Sotheby’s Amelia Island auction on Friday – for $173,600! Some people have money. Some people have sense. Others spend $173k on a stock 1994 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo Targa – such was the result during Amelia Island’s collector car auction on Friday. Initially, […]


Baby Driver Subaru WRX STI film stunt car heads to auction

The four-wheeled star of Baby Driver is undoubtedly the Subaru WRX STI in the opening sequence. Now you can buy one of the five stunt cars from the movie Before 2017, if someone suggested that you should watch a film called Baby Driver you’d likely have shrugged it off as an animated movie written to entertain children. […]


Porsche Project Gold Grabs $3 Million At Auction In Just 10 Minutes

2018 represents seven decades of Porsche sports cars and what better way to celebrate this milestone if not by coming out with a retro-flavored car? Porsche Classic’s 993 is a nod to the past while taking inspiration from the modern Turbo S Exclusive Series from where it has inherited the flashy Golden Yellow Metallic paint. The car […]