August 26, 2019

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Audi Sport’s RS3 and TT-RS: The same engine but very different cars

SALISBURY, Conn.—Success on the racetrack doesn’t sell cars like it used to. That said, plenty of car companies still go racing. And it’s not just a marketing exercise; it remains an engineering one, too. Competition breeds ingenuity, and a motorsports department is like a skunk works that can add a halo to a mundane car or turn an […]


Audi RS3 World-Record Reverse Mode: Which Formula E Race Car is Next?

Audi RS3 World-Record Reverse Mode: Which Formula E Race Car is Next? Recently, the German racing driver Daniel Abt, who currently competes in Formula E with ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport, broke the world record for driving fastest in reverse-mode. Reverse-driving racing used to popular in the Netherlands back in the 80s, but these races were […]


WATCH: Audi RS3, BMW M2 Competition or Camaro SS? Which of these would you choose

The guys at Throttle House put together this cool video comparing the Audi RS3, BMW M2 Competition and Chevrolet Camaro SS. Each of these cars have their advantages and distinct exhaust tones but there can only be one winner. Pick your poison From a power perspective the SS leads the charge as fastest of the […]


Audi S4 B5 2.7 V6 Biturbo Acceleration Sound 0-300

Ultimate 700HP+ Sleeper, Audi Tuned by Boosted Monkey – Fast Audi S4 B5 2.7 V6 Bi-Turbo Quattro with RS4 engine producing 727HP and 860NM. Brutal fast acceleration 0-300km/h and loud anti lag exhaust sound. Watvh the video below and leave a comment. VIDEO: LINK Source: Link


Audi RS4 Sounds Like A Machine Gun Driving Through Vienna’s Streets

A few petrol heads gathered in Austria’s capital city, Vienna, a few days ago, to check out some of the latest and greatest machines the world has to offer. Among them was a Nissan GT-R with a few upgrades, including a loud aftermarket exhaust. The Godzilla instantly turned all eyes towards it when the driver […]


900PS Audi TT RS Goes Like A Bat Out Of Hell

Thanks to its Altechno Racing tune, this drag race-focused Audi TT RS is as quick as a hypercar over a 1/4 mile. Putting down no fewer than 900 PS (887 HP), this TT ran a 1/4 mile in 10.59 seconds at 243 km/h (151 mph), flying past the 1/2 mile marker in 15.79 seconds, doing 310 […]


Electric Audi RS3 Drag Races Huracan Performante, 911 GT2 RS

It’s almost competitive. Electric powertrains have a considerable potential to change how performance cars operate. Instant torque makes acceleration a breeze, and it puts other supercars on notice. The pinnacle of EV racing is Formula E. Schaeffler, a major sponsor of the Audi Sport ABT Formula E team, decided to show off its electric powertrain […]


1,300-HP Audi Races Bugatti Chiron In David Vs. Goliath Showdown

The ultimate supercar gets a wake-up call from this sneaky sleeper. Ask any car-crazy auto buff about the definition of a sleeper, and you’ll likely get a slightly different answer every time. We don’t think anyone could argue this particular B5 S4 isn’t a sleeper of the highest magnitude, and not just because it typically […]


1300HP Audi S4 B5 Vs 1500HP Bugatti Chiron

The well known Audi S4 B5 with 1300HP races against the all new Bugatti Chiron with 1500HP! We are a big fan of this Audi S4 and the sound of this one is priceless! The Chiron did some drag races against other supercars, like the McLaren 720S, Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG and the RENNtech Mercedes-AMG GT […]


700HP Audi TT RS Plus GTX35 Amazing 5-Cylinder Sound & Roll Racing!

During the SCC500 Rolling50 1000 in Lahr, Germany this guy filmed this tuned Audi TT RS Plus. The 2.5 liter TFSI 5-cylinder turbocharged engine has been tuned up to 700HP and 750Nm of torque. The sound it makes is amazing! Turn up the volume! BTW the 9ff that raced against this Audi TT RS, sounds […]