August 26, 2019

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Autopilot debate: Enabling ‘stupid’ drivers or reducing danger on the road?

Passed out Tesla driver stopped by CHP sparks social media debate over autopilot There’s been a lively social media debate over technology-assisted driving since the Highway Patrol busted a Tesla driver officers said was passed out drunk while the electric car cruised 70 mph on Autopilot down Highway 101 last month in Redwood City. Some say […]


With “Navigate on Autopilot,” a Tesla Can Take a Highway Exit All by Itself

It seems like every few months now, I get to experience some sort of first in vehicular autonomy. There was the 2010 Lincoln MKT that could parallel park itself, the Volvo XC90 that could handle speed and steering in stop-and-go traffic, and the Cadillac SuperCruise hands-free highway system. there’s wonder aplenty when it comes to […]


Tesla driver unsuccessfully tries to get out of tickets using Autopilot defense

A Tesla Model X driver in the Netherlands tried to use Autopilot as a defense in court to get out of tickets for driving while using a mobile device. A judge has ruled against him confirming that the driver is responsible even when driving with Tesla’s Autopilot on. The situation involved not one but two […]



IF YOU’VE BEEN driving your Tesla in the past week, you’re likely enjoying the major upgrade Elon Musk’s automaker just issued with a free, over-the-air software update. And if you believe the blog post trumpeting the advance, you’ve taken a major step towards chillaxing on the highway while the car handles the traffic for you. […]


Tesla releases demo of Navigate on Autopilot with details on the rollout

Tesla is releasing a rare new feature under its Enhanced Autopilot package: Navigate on Autopilot. Today, the automaker released a new video demonstration of the feature and more details on the rollout. Navigate on Autopilot was supposed to be in the first release of Tesla’s v9 software update, but they decided to pull it for […]


Elon Musk tweeted about a ‘dog mode’ for Teslas and it’s not a terrible idea

When a Twitter user asked Elon Musk if future Teslas would include a “dog mode” to keep car-bound pets safe and cool while their owner was away, he responded with a simple “yes.” The idea behind dog mode, a pitch that in this case also included the Tesla displaying a readout of the car’s interior […]


Elon Musk eyes early 2019 release for Tesla’s custom AI chip

‘Hardware 3’ could be with us in six months, according to CEO Elon Musk has announced that Tesla’s new custom AI chip is about six months away from being installed in new production cars. The CEO said that the chip, which was confirmed as being in development last December, will offer “somewhere between [a] 500% […]


Tesla to improve its new dashcam feature with more Autopilot cameras and parking mode

With the launch of the version 9 software update, Tesla is introducing its new dashcam feature, but as we reported, it has quite a few limitations compared to an average aftermarket dashcam. Now Elon Musk says that Tesla will improve on it with more Autopilot cameras and parking mode. Under the first version of the feature, […]


Volvo is making a true ‘Autopilot’ that’ll let you eat, sleep, or watch movies – coming in 3 years

Self-driving autos have gone from DARPA undertaking to meandering our lanes significantly speedier than anybody anticipated, yet in the event that you carry the theme up with a grumpy truck nuts-owning uncle, the reaction is most likely going to be “No doubt, however when would i be able to get one?” Volvo is making a […]