July 22, 2019

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Tesla Model 3 Performance Deemed Better Than BMW M3: Video Review

Model 3 versus M3. There can be just one winner. Or, maybe not. Before we dive into the ins and outs of this video, there’s an issue we need to resolve. While YouTubers – especially the most popular ones – are considered the voice of the car industry these days, there’s a small problem with […]


Place Your Bets: Nissan GT-R Vs. BMW M4 Drag Race

Godzilla vs Bimmer. Both biturbo and pack a punch. Which is faster? The GT-R has picked up ubiquity and genuine notoriety with regards to being quick, even before it set foot on the U.S. soil. Actually, this Nissan whiz is so ground-breaking, a considerable measure of autos were hollowed up against everything around the globe […]


First 18 BMW i8 Roadsters delivered

After BMW began serial generation of the i8 Roadster in Leipzig toward the beginning of March, the primary models of the open form of the module half and half have now been conveyed. The BMW i8 club has gotten the keys for the initial 18 vehicles. The i8 Roadsters are the “First Edition” variety, which […]