August 26, 2019

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Lotus Announces New Car For 2020 Launch

A lot of things have happened with Lotus since it became officially under Geely in 2017, which include several plans that affect the future of the British sports car maker. The brand will start manufacturing in China, as evidenced by the new $1.3-billion factory investment, discovered through company job advertisements and government documents. A Valkyrie-rivaling hypercar is also underway, with […]


This 2005 Lotus Elise Has A 330 HP Acura Integra Type-S Engine

While most of us would love to own a Hennessey Venom GT, a mere 13 of these Lotus Elise-based supercars were built and prices tend to hover around the $1 million mark when one comes up for sale. Sure, the 1,451 horsepower 7.0-liter twin-turbo V8 makes it one of the fastest cars ever created but few will ever […]


Lotus Elise VR6 Turbo 600HP Acceleration SOUND

Awesome Lotus Elise S1 with engine swap from VW Golf, the wel known VR6 and also a big Turbo pushing out around 600HP. The car makes an awesome sound. In the video below you will see the Lozus Elise in action, with some amazing power launches, fast accelerations and driving sounds. Lotus Elise VR6 Turbo […]


The Lotus Elise Has Evolved Without Being Compromised

Coming up with a new aluminum platform for an affordable mid-engined car was not easy after the financial failure of the front-wheel drive Lotus Elan. But Romano Artioli’s team went the extra mile to create something truly significant, and the 1996 Elise Series 1instantly became the new standard for lightweight sports cars. Weighing just 1665 pounds, […]