August 26, 2019

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Duratec Turbo Mk1 Escort Runs 8s At Hal Far Raceway

Mark Farrugia’s ‘Gladiator’ Mk1 Escort was previously powered by a Pinto Turbo but for 2018 switched to a Duratec Turbo. Mark was rewarded with an 8.26 at 157 MPH at the November MDRA Event at Hal Far Raceway, a PB for the new setup. VIDEO: LINK Source: Link


Let the Sound of This 1971 Ford Escort RS Bless Your Eardrums

If you’re tired of today’s muffled turbocharged performance cars, don’t worry, you’re not alone—I know I prefer a naturally aspirated sound track over anything with forced induction. Thanks to the internet, there’s no shortage of wonderful audio footage containing some of the greatest-sounding engines on the planet. This vintage clip taken from the inside of […]