July 22, 2019

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Tesla Changes Strategy: Will Raise Prices And Reduce Store Closures

Apparently, the initial strategy isn’t going to work? Tesla just announced that during further evaluation of its plan to close many stores, it has come to a new conclusion. The automaker now plans to leave “significantly more stores” open so that it can continue to evaluate the situation. Tesla points out that the stores it previously […]


Watch a Tesla Model X becoming a police vehicle

Tesla vehicles are becoming increasingly popular with police departments around the world and now a fleet of Tesla Model X electric SUVs is being converted to patrol vehicles in Switzerland. They are showing us how they are doing it with some interesting videos and images. It can raise some eyebrows when a police service buys […]


Final Chance To Order Tesla Model 3, S, X For Full Tax Credit

We’re down to only a few days left here. Not too long ago, Tesla guaranteed that all Model 3 vehicles ordered by November 15, 2018 would be delivered prior to the end of the year and would be eligible for the full U.S. federal EV tax credit. This announcement came not long after Tesla revealed […]


Lamborghini Aventador Vs Tesla Model X – DRAG & ROLLING RACE – Can An EV SUV Beat A Supercar?

It’s petrol vs electric for our latest drag race! The Model X P100D has left all other competitors in its wake when it’s taken part in previous drag races. But how will it fare when it goes up against a 740hp Aventador S? There’s only one way to find out… Let’s race! VIDEO: LINK Source: […]


Is Jaguar I-Pace A Tesla Model X Killer? Watch To Find Out

Jaguar I-Pace: The Tesla Killer? Quite a number of reviews of the Jaguar I-Pace have been published over the past year. This time, however, the all-electric crossover SUV gets a close examination by a proud Tesla owner. Sean Mitchell, who drives a Model S, got his hands on a loaner from a Colorado dealership and has posted his findings on […]


Tesla brings back all recently removed options as ‘off-the-menu items’

Tesla recently did some clean up in the Model S and Model X online configurator by removing several options and features. Some changes were controversial among Tesla buyers, but now we learn that no option entirely went away and everything is actually still available as ‘off-the-menu items’. As we reported last weekend, Tesla updated its online design studio […]


Tesla ends free Supercharger credit program for Model S and Model X

As Tesla transitions from free Supercharging to a paid model, it looks like the automaker is still trying to tune its approach. The company has now ended its free Supercharger credit program for Model S and Model X vehicles. When Tesla first introduced its paid model for the Supercharger network almost two years ago, it eased […]



IF YOU’VE BEEN driving your Tesla in the past week, you’re likely enjoying the major upgrade Elon Musk’s automaker just issued with a free, over-the-air software update. And if you believe the blog post trumpeting the advance, you’ve taken a major step towards chillaxing on the highway while the car handles the traffic for you. […]


Tesla releases demo of Navigate on Autopilot with details on the rollout

Tesla is releasing a rare new feature under its Enhanced Autopilot package: Navigate on Autopilot. Today, the automaker released a new video demonstration of the feature and more details on the rollout. Navigate on Autopilot was supposed to be in the first release of Tesla’s v9 software update, but they decided to pull it for […]


Tesla deploys massive new Autopilot neural net in v9, impressive new capabilities, report says

While Tesla has held back its main new Autopilot feature with the release of version 9, it has still deployed a new neural net for Autopilot and according to a new analysis, it is a massively bigger neural net with impressive new capabilities. Based on the new capabilities of Autopilot under version 9, we already […]