July 22, 2019

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1994 Toyota Supra Sells For Eye-Watering $173k

A stock 1994 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo Targa with manual transmission sold during RM Sotheby’s Amelia Island auction on Friday – for $173,600! Some people have money. Some people have sense. Others spend $173k on a stock 1994 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo Targa – such was the result during Amelia Island’s collector car auction on Friday. Initially, […]


So Is the BMW M340i a Four-Door Supra Or What

For years I have dreamed of getting a Toyota Cressida, a rear-drive four-door sedan that shared its heart with the Supra of its day. Now with the Supra coming back, done in partnership with BMW, I have to wonder: The new four-door Toyota Supra is the BMW M340i, right? BMW recently gave us the specs on the new not-quite […]


TOYOTA SUPRA VS SUPERCARS!!! (Bugatti, Ferrari & More!)

Toyota Supra going against the fastest supercars/exotics on earth! Can a tuned japanese car beat a super expensive supercar??? That would be a dumb question nowadays. Supra against, Bugatti Veyron, Lambos, Ferraris and even more! TOYOTA SUPRA VS SUPERCARS!!! (Bugatti, Ferrari & more!) Source: Link


See Why It Took 12 Years To Revive The Toyota Supra

Supercars and sports cars typically spend a lifetime in production limbo. Take the current Acura NSX, for example, which was announced in 2007, but didn’t show up as a production model until 2016. For the Toyota Supra in particular – a car arguably even more hotly anticipated than the NSX – it feels like it’s been in the works […]


Fastest Road Worthy SUPRA In The World!

Geo’s Supra is the FASTEST Import to ever competing against Hot Rod’s, thos beast runs 7’s all day long! It has more tham 1800+ HP om the wheels and is even streetlegal! Watch the video below and leave a comment. Fastest Road Worthy SUPRA in the World! Source: Link


1500HP Supra SPINS OUT At 130MPH – Amazing Save! FL2K18

FL2K18 was quite the eventful weekend, these guys witnessed likely one of the best Supra saves on a drag strip! How lucky. Enjoy 10 minutes of Supras racing at fl2k and leave a comment below or share this one with your friends. 1500HP Supra SPINS OUT at 130MPH – Amazing Save! FL2K18 Source: Link