August 26, 2019

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Subaru-Engined VW Beetle Is Not Your Typical Custom Build

Adonis, a Volkswagen enthusiast, had a dream – to build a Super Beetle that could smoke other cars in a drag race. He has owned a VW Beetle before but, of course, he wanted it to be faster. That was the start of the dream and this image below was the inspiration. Adonis followed the advice of several builders […]


Oldest known production VW Beetle has been restored

When Ondrej Brom purchased an old Volkswagen Beetle rotting underneath a tree, he had no idea it was the oldest surviving production example While the Volkswagen Beetle can’t escape a complex and disturbing origin story, the humble Bug defined a generation of peace-loving youths and spawned one of Disney’s greatest franchises; Herbie. Yet, it’s the eerie […]



Here is the VeeDubRacing Youtube Channel countdown from 20 to 01 of the quickest VW Beetles he filmed in 2018. They are getting quicker each year, and making the Top 20 is getting harder and harder. In 2016, No 20 was a 12.37 with 8 cars running below 11 seconds In 2017, No 20 was […]


Unrestored 1956 Volkswagen Type 1, from the John Moir “Alphabet Collection,” heads to auction

956 Volkswagen Type 1 from the John Moir collection. Photos by Darin Schnabel, courtesy RM Auctions. John Moir has been described as a “towering figure in the AACA world,” but the amiable New Hampshire collector is perhaps best known for his assemblage of automobiles representing each letter in the alphabet. Most are in pristine condition, […]


This Subaru WRX STI-Powered VW Beetle Could Be the Ultimate Sleeper

Originally, this Beetle likely made around 40 horsepower. Now it makes at well over 300. Thanks to years of tinkering, people have figured out a number of ways to make a faster Volkswagen Beetle. You can do anything from converting its stock flat-four to run on Weber carbs, to swapping in an engine from the […]


The Next VW Beetle Might Be an Electric Four-Door

Rumor has it that a new Beetle is coming in 2022, riding on VW’s new electric car platform and likely gaining a set of rear doors. As far back as Volkswagen declared plans to make a cutting edge Microbus in view of its new electric-auto stage, we’ve thought about whether the automaker would do likewise […]