August 26, 2019

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Lamborghini Huracán Vs VW Golf 3 1.8T Vs Aventador LP700

During the RACE1000 in Germany I have filmed this red Lamborghini Huracán.It did some drag racing against some other cars Against the Lamborghini Aventador LP700 (700HP), Volkswagen Golf 4 1.8T Getcharged (750HP+), Porsche 991 Turbo S, Audi TT-RS (550HP) and many more! VIDEO: LINK Source: Link


740HP VW Golf 5 R32 Turbo Vs 736HP VW Golf 2 R32 Turbo | 1/2 MILE SPEED TRAP

Two awesome cars with one of the best Volkswagen engines competing against each other. MK2 Golf vs MK5 Golf R32 Turbo! One of them has 740HP and the other one has 736HP. Weight is ofcourse the main thing in this race. Watch the video below and leave a comment. VIDEO: LINK Source: Link


650 HP Mk1 Volkswagen Golf Does Amazing 9s 1/4-Mile Run, Sets FWD UK Record

The front-wheel-drive scene might be surprising to those outside the drag racing realm, with the front-paw machines involved in sprinting battles delivering impressive performance. Case in point with the Mk1 Volkswagen Golf in the piece of footage below. This is now the UK’s quickest front-wheel-drive Golf, with the compact having recently gone sprinting during a […]


Quickest MK7 Golf In The World – 1/4 Mile 9.48 @ 145mph

David Lee was as Santa Pod Raceway for the VW Action Show, in his very special VW MK7 Golf. It has been fitted with an Audi RS3 engine and gearbox, and running way over 700bhp. Capable of doing a 1/4 mile in 9.483 @ 145.83mph, which makes it the quickest as well as the fastest […]


1,301 HP VW Golf Mk1 Hits Dyno, Is a German Flamethrower

There’s no need to mention why the original Volkswagen Golf is a cult car. Nevertheless, when it comes to an Mk1 Golf that now packs a four-digit output, we have quite a bit of explaining to do. And we’re here to give you just that, namely a Vee-Dub that has been dialed all the way […]


Watch This VW Golf R Drag Race The Entire World

It goes against a Ferrari 458, an R34 Nissan Skyline, Audis, BMWs, and most of the time it wins. Folks who’ve never drag raced – and by that we mean going to a legitimate race track – think it’s easy to do. In reality, well, it is rather easy but like so many things, it’s […]


480 HP Modern Golf R Meets 415 HP Supercharged Golf R36 With Porsche Brakes

You know how fashion is bringing back all sorts of styles from the 80’s? Well, let’s take a look at a Golf 4 and see if we feel nostalgic. Not just any Golf 4, though, but an R36 with custom engine mods. My god, look at those hips, that short 2-door body and those retro […]


Enhancing The Mk1’s Original Appeal

There’s an effortlessness to more seasoned autos that makes them so engaging. Their plans speak to the a large portion of essential types of a vehicle; something that ranges back to a period when creators had more flexibility with their pens, as opposed to adhering to any set principles. The outcomes were so unadulterated. The […]


RollHard Feature – 1982 VW Golf Mk1 – “Old Timer”

Belgium. A little nation apparently at the focal point of everything. The Belgians have given us waffles, chocolate and frites, alongside some truly decent cars, which obviously is the thing that we think about most as auto aficionados. One thing you’ll see about the Belgian ‘way’ is that these folks don’t mess excessively with the […]


It’s Mad We Tell You: 736Hp Golf Mk1 Scares Us Just By Watching it

What might you do on the off chance that you had an old Mk I VW Golf body lying around in your yard? Would you reestablish it to its previous grandness, utilizing just unique parts or go totally frantic and give it more than 700-steeds and make it a standout amongst the most outrageous front-wheel […]